Products Testing and Main Applications



To verify possible areas of using our products, we perform their lab testing. In this regard, good results have been obtained for using CNTs as additives for gasoline and polymer-matrix composite materials, as well as material in electric heaters. Few- and multi-layered GNPs are being tested as electrode material in supercapacitors for accumulation of electrical energy.

Currently, experiments on sorption and desorption of heavy metals by materials modified with CNTs and GNPs for water treatment and soil remediation purposes are underway. Besides, we intend to apply our products as engineered barriers in deep geological repositories for radioactive waste management in order to retain radioactive actinides (in our experiments, we use their non-radioactive analogs so far – lanthanides, and sorbents represent our nanoproducts, bentonite clays and their mixtures in various proportions).


The main applications of our nanoproducts are described below.